You can still be warm with a combi-boiler that is not working

When your boiler breaks down, both heating and hot-water will be lost. Heating and hot-water are something we take for granted wikipedia reference. Without heating or hot water, you have to make other arrangements to keep warm. You may have to bathe. It is possible that you will be more concerned about the temperature if your children are younger. Here are a couple of tips for staying warm while you await your plumber.

1. Dress in layers for winter clothing

If you think this is obvious, then it’s time to start layering. In the winter you will have to wear lots of clothing. Why not do this at your home? Although it might seem odd, if you want to avoid dying from frostbite, then wearing your woolly hat is the best option.

Bring out your children’s gloves, hats or cardigans.

According to me, the convenience of heated water or hot baths has a big part in the reduction of winter clothing. Many people wear tee-shirts in winter because they have powerful heating systems.

Wear winter clothes to keep warm.

2. It is possible to reduce temperature by combining the body heat of your own with the reduction of drafts.

Roll up towels, and place the rolls at the bottom of all doors to prevent drafts. The family should gather in one place with all doors closed. A room that has the entire family present will feel warmer. The doors also help keep in the heat. Close your curtains and keep the heat inside. To snuggle and watch movies, throw on some blankets. All of you will be kept warm if everyone snuggles together.

3. Increase the heat.

What? What? Turn on oven. You can start cooking immediately by turning on an oven, hob, or other appliances. Invite the whole family to your kitchen as the food is being prepared to boost the warmth. Bring in some chairs to create a more comfortable space. Enjoy the warmth provided by the oven. Get the kettle going while you’re at that!

To keep your kitchen warm, and to make use of any residual heat, you can leave the oven open. Put any young children into a safe space before you begin to cook.

4. Layer your mattress.

It can be quite shocking to go without heat for a whole day, or even all night. This is something I experienced, and it was not enjoyable. Have you camped before? You’ll be familiar with the feeling of not having heating in your house during winter. It’s cold.

If you want to, you can wear a hat at night. You can also wear a cap at night. It is smart to wear a jumper on top of your PJs. Although it is important to make sure your baby has the right bedding, there are also rules you need to follow.

I hope to see you turning on the heater soon.

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