You can register for classes online at your convenience

Training programs are no longer confined to long institute lectures. This would mean waiting in queues to fill out registration forms before submitting them at staff desks. Cloud-based, online learning solutions allow you to look past the time-consuming method of training. Click this link!

In order to address the needs of their student population in a wider perspective, many educational institutions worldwide have turned towards online solutions. They allow organisations to run their class programs, as well as training courses in a more convenient and organized manner. In addition, online services allow organizations to drastically reduce the cost and also administrative load.

Cloud computing platforms automate registration, member management and payment processing. This service lets institutions create and submit registration forms on the web. Also, they can personalize the page using the logo of the institution. Attendees can register in no time. Even for attendees registration is quick and easy.

Paying online is convenient. The attendees can choose to pay via credit card or any other standard payment gateway. PCI Compliant payment gateways are used for the safest options.

It allows the faculty to track their students, while streamlining online classes. In addition to keeping a constant eye on screen activity, they can also track the students’ progress. They can communicate via email with students using the software. These institutions can use this software to certify and evaluate students’ performance. It is also possible to conduct online surveys in order to assess the quality of a training program.

The web-based services have another feature. By using the integrated social media connector, teachers can streamline their classes on various social platforms. It allows educators to communicate with hundreds of thousands users while also receiving their feedback.

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