With a Tailgating flagpole, you can stand firm.

Tailgating flagpoles let you stake your claim at your next camping trip. Flexible fiberglass and lightweight aluminum are options for tailgating poles. Telescoping allows for quick setup and storage. Do not use a telescoping Flagpole whose sections don’t lock. This ensures that the pole won’t be broken by wind gusts (or party goers), browse this site.

Maximum height of a tailgating pole is twenty feet, while support flags are up to three-feet tall.

Two basic types of tailgating flagpole mounts exist: the trailer hitch mounting or wheel stands.

Attach trailer hitch mounting brackets to your truck‚Äôs trailer hitch. The mount attaches to your truck’s trailer hitch. Secure it with the pin. Insert the bottom end of your flagpole sectional into the mount. Next, assemble the remaining pole. It may be necessary to first assemble taller poles.

They’re easy to set up, making them the most preferred type of flagpole mounting for tailgating. These mounts are made of steel and can be placed under your tires. Park by simply pulling up above the foot. The flag should be inserted into the mount. The provided screw will secure the flag.

Other than flags, tailgating flagpoles may also fly pennants or banners, pennants or ribbons.

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