What are the telltale signs that it’s time to give your foundation a boost?

Melbourne has many attractions, including its historic architecture, delicious restaurants, vibrant arts scene. But beneath Melbourne’s vibrant exterior, a different story is told – get more info: The tale of our foundations. Although we tend to take foundations for granted, they may occasionally need attention. It’s possible you have ever thought about underpinning Melbourne buildings. What signals indicate that you should do so? Come and play detective!

Mysterious Cracking: We have all noticed them, small cracks appearing on floors or walls. It could also be a foundational SOS if they multiply or grow larger. And if you spot zig-zagging or diagonal cracks? The foundation is like a blinking neon sign shouting “Check it!”

Door and Window Rogue Behavior: Have you had doors or windows that would not close properly? Or perhaps a window which was stubborn to open. You may want to blame it on the humid weather and that time you nephew slammed your door, but this is a subtle sign of foundation shifts.

Uneven or Sloping Floors: It isn’t a funny effect when you walk downhill on your floors or notice a marble moving faster. The foundation of your home could be singing.

A wall separation drama: If walls or ceilings begin to separate from one another and you see gaps between a wall and the ground, then it is not just an architecture dispute. A foundation problem could be at the core of this issue.

Basement Blues: Melbourne has its fair share rain but a damp, or consistently flooded basement should be a red flag. Due to shifting foundations, water may be finding new ways in.

Chimney Lean Dance. Do you have a chimney which is leaning (or slanting) in a subtly or not so subtly? You can tell that the foundation is off because it’s trying to groove along to Melbourne.

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