Variety of Storage

Brilliant Storage Limited provides a range of secure storage options, such as warehouses and locks-ups. The unit for seasonal products and large units designed for stock storage are suitable for a variety of needs. Below are the pros and cons of some of the most commonly used options, click this link!

Storage building

When storing industrial equipment, or stock in a secure environment, organizations often use huge structures known as storage warehouses. As well as providing greater security, storage warehouses also offer flexibility. You can access your unit at any time and choose from a wide range of different space configurations. They can be more pricey than other options but their added comfort, security and flexibility compensate for this.


Container units usually consist of storage containers located in a perimeter fence-enclosed compound. Renting space typically ranges from 40 to 120 sq. ft. It’s often less expensive to rent a storage box than a unit in a warehouse. The containers, when they’re left out, can be susceptible to moisture. They may also encounter seasonal temperature variations. Some products may be damaged by these extreme conditions.


Lock-up garages are usually smaller in size than the other types of storage. The average measurement is 124 square foot. They are often more affordable to rent and can be easily accessed. But lock-ups garages offer less safety because the only protection is provided by the garage’s lock.

Furniture depositories

Many moving companies offer to store client’s things when needed, for example, when a customer is relocating overseas or into a home rented. These large warehouses are typically safe. Transportation is taken care of by the moving firm. Pricing for storage can be competitive. Accessing stored goods could be difficult, if not impossible. Some companies may charge per-visit fees, while others could be far.

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