There Are Many Benefits To Wearing Clogs As Nursing Shoes

Clogs can be associated with many things, such as the wooden shoes worn by Chinese laborers or by gardeners. Nursing clogs have become the official shoes for nurses. Many people who are not in the nursing profession don’t know this. Even doctors and other healthcare professionals are wearing them.

What are Clogs?

Clogs is a type of shoe or footwear that’s made partially of wood. It is worn by people from all over the world. This heavy footwear has been worn for centuries by workers in industries such as agriculture, factories, mines and mining. The clog’s shape has remained the same over the years. Only minor modifications or alterations have been made to the clogs to make them more appealing to people.

Why nurses are attracted to clogs

Nursing is a profession that requires comfortable footwear. These people often work for at least 12 hour shifts and do a lot running, standing, walking or other duties to help patients recover. Thus, clogs provide a comfortable footwear. Clogs are now a part of the working shoe selection at hospitals. However, there are certain design restrictions to meet insurance requirements.

Clogs: They have many advantages

Some of the benefits of wearing clogs, especially for male nurses, are:

1.Non-slip footwear. Nurses are often forced to work in different environments and on surfaces that are slippery. It is vital that nurses do not slip when carrying dangerous tools such as syringes and life-saving drugs like intravenous transfusions.

2.Non-marking sole. Clogs, due to their soft soles, do not leave marks on surfaces such as tiles. The damage to floors is often caused by shoe marks. Clogs are a great way to get the approval of people in the maintenance department. They leave no marks on the floor, making it easier for them to clean.

3.Easy to slip on and use. There are no shoelaces or laces to tie and untie. Just slip your feet into a pair and you’re ready to go.

4.It is versatile. As long as the back strap is adjustable and the style and color meet hospital requirements, it’s okay to wear any color or style.

5.It is light and durable. It is lightweight and comfortable, so your feet won’t feel any stress or discomfort. You need more energy to lift the feet than you would with heavy shoes to run and work.

You need to have at least two pairs to determine which brand, style and colour is best for you.

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