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Resetting Your Samsung Soundbar: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Samsung soundbars offer superior audio and a stylish design that make them an excellent choice for improving your home entertainment. Like any other electronic device, you might need to reset Samsung’s soundbar in order to solve a problem or to restore its default settings. We’ll show you how to reset any Samsung soundbar model, no matter if it is a simple one or an advanced one that has additional features. You can get the best guide on http://descriptive.audio/things-to-do-while-listening-to-music/.

Reset procedures may vary based on the specific model of Samsung soundbar. Please refer to the manual of your specific soundbar for instructions. This article will describe the steps in general.

Prior to Beginning:

Prior to resetting the system, you should consider a few things:

Backup Settings: If you reset your Soundbar, it will delete all settings including EQ and devices connected. You should take photos or record your settings to help you restore them if needed.

Disconnect devices: Unplug any other connected devices such as TVs or consoles to prevent complications.

Make sure your sound bar is powered up and connected to power.

Resetting Your Samsung Soundbar:

The steps below will help you reset your Samsung Soundbar.

1. How to use the Soundbar buttons:

The control buttons are usually located on the top or front of your soundbar. These control buttons can be found on top or the front of most soundbars.

The front display will change if you hold down the “Source” and “Function ” buttons for approximately 5-10 second.

Once the soundbar has turned off and the screen is changing again to indicate that it’s finished, release the button.

2. Use the Remote Control

Be sure to have your Samsung soundbar’s remote.

For approximately 5-10 secs, press and hold “Mute” (or “Sound Control”) on the remote.

You can tell if the soundbar reset by the fact that it has turned off, or when the screen changes.

3. App for Factory Reset (On Some Models).

Samsung SmartThings, for example, allows you to reset the soundbars via a mobile application.

Look for the reset or factory option in your app. The reset is initiated by following the onscreen instructions.

4. For advanced models, you can reset the factory manually.

If you have a Samsung soundbar with an advanced display and many features, it may be necessary to do a factory reset manually.
Remove the plug from the source of power and disconnect the soundbar.
The sound bar itself has a “Play/Pause”, which you can press and hold.
Reconnect the power source while pressing the button.
Keep holding the button for “INIT” (or “RESET”) to appear on the screen.
Release the button, and then wait until the factory reset is complete.

5. Contact Samsung Support (If Needed):

For more information on how to reset a soundbar, or if there are any problems or you’re unsure of the process to follow for your model specific soundbar, contact Samsung support.

After Resetting Your Soundbar:

Samsung Soundbars will return to their default settings once the reset has been completed. After the reset, you can reconnect your soundbar to your TV and other devices to reconfigure its settings to meet your requirements.

Remind yourself:

Use the proper cables to reconnect your soundbar with your TV or device.
As needed, adjust sound settings including volume, EQ and audio modes.
If applicable, reconnect your soundbar with your Wi-Fi.
To ensure the soundbar is working correctly, test it to see if the audio quality you desire can be achieved.

You can also read our conclusion.

It can be useful to reset the Samsung soundbar when there are issues, or when you just want to get back on track with your default settings. This guide will show you how to reset your soundbar so that it continues to provide immersive audio for home entertainment.