Strategy Trading Errors

Why do traders who are consistently successful continue to profit year after? Newbies, however, can lose their whole capital within a month of trading. Beginners make the biggest mistakes. What secrets do successful traders have? discover more.

My co-workers and I are often asked by my colleagues how to be successful traders. Because we get asked that question so much, I wrote my trading report. It will give you easy to understand, simple advice that can help you become a more successful trader.

The report was written in plain English which differs from other articles. The goal of my report is to concisely, and with intelligence, present the heart of the matter. This report will show you what the biggest mistakes are that traders often make, and give tips on how to avoid these. In addition, it explains basic principles that many traders have spent thousands of pounds and learned over years. This information is based on years of study and observation.

Feel like you’ve finally learned the skill of forecasting market trends once you’ve made a profitable trade? A few days after you suffered a crushing loss, did you feel even more desperate than before?

Imagine if you were a trader and spent years studying the movements of markets, paying for expensive indicators, listening to seminar advice, or attending seminars. In spite of all this, despite the fact that he is losing money, eventually his savings will be spent. He makes money only to lose it all. Trading, on the other hand, is just as straightforward and predictable as every type of business.

Imagine you spent many years trying to learn about trading, and yet still do not understand the basics. What if you had no idea how trading works?

Your entire savings could be lost if you are unable to control your emotions. Are you ready for an unexpected emergency?

What is your expectation of how quickly you will recover from financial loss?

Most traders, especially those who are “experienced”, tend to overlook or ignore taking steps to protect against such tragedies until the event occurs. By the time disaster strikes, you are too late.

What’s the worst that could possibly happen to you?

In working with individual traders and institutions in Europe, the USA and Canada it has been found that 9 out of 10 will incur some form of losses that can cost as much as $1 million.

Money spent on manuals, workshops and seminars is excluded.

Every case is unique in the amount of loss due to poor trades. Even though losses can be large, the amount is always too high for a single trader. Most traders end up losing their whole money. Some can become so indebted that they are unable to pay their bills.

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