Six Essential Tools To All Home Plumbing Repairs

Many homeowners have an extensive collection of plumbing equipment to deal with any situation that may arise. You should stock your supplies and equipment if you don’t have them. You never know if you will have to fix a clogged drain or a leaking toilet. For every household, there are certain tools that are essential for fixing the most basic plumbing issues. You should always have these tools on hand to tackle any situation. These are the six tools you need to have in your home:

1. Plunger
The plunger, which is the most common and widely used plumbing tool in every household, is used to unclog toilets by applying vacuum and force. The plungers are designed for different purposes. The entire catalog is available in most hardware stores. They can be used not only to clear clogs from toilets but also bathtub drains. The plungers come with a rubber bell-shaped device which you put over the drain. You use the wooden handle to push the drain open.

2. Toilet Auger
It is also a very useful tool for removing clogs. It is a special plumbing equipment that can be used to find and remove clogs. The steel auger looks like a long, flexible cable and is more powerful than a plunger. It is also more expensive but it’s a plumbing tool that does the job.

3. Sink Auger
The sink auger can be a useful tool to clear clogs in sinks or bathtubs. A flexible cable with a steel auger on one end is coiled in a drum shaped canister. The auger cable can be turned to grab and remove any clogs. The auger’s shape and design make it unsuitable for use in toilet drains.

4. Pipe Wrench
Most plumbers consider the wrench to be the quintessential piece of equipment. With its unique design, it allows users to grip objects. This wrench is used for septic systems and pipes. It can be powerful to remove or secure a pipe.

5. Teflon Tape
Seal any leaky pipes drains with this inexpensive but effective thin white tape. The tape can also be used as a way to prevent air or gas from escaping through threaded connectors. The tape has a silky texture but is strong. This tape comes in small rolls that are commonly available at home hardware stores.

6. Pliers
Not to be forgotten, pliers come in handy for a wide range of plumbing tasks. They can tighten, loosen and secure a wide variety of fittings. You can choose from a wide range of different sized and shaped plumbers.

The right research will lead you to the correct specialized tools that can help with your home plumbing repairs. The more complicated your plumbing problem, the more you will need specialized training and tools. Sometime it is best to call in a plumber with experience.

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