Selecting Industrial Painting Contractor

Commercial painting includes a range of painting tasks, such as government building, schools, shopping malls, warehouses and hospitals. Commerical painting projects can be huge, and they require a new perspective. Get more info!

Power washing the building is the first step in industrial painting. This will remove the grime and dust on the outside walls. To remove an old layer of wall paint, high-pressure water jets will be used. Next, tape is used on the doors and window frames to prevent spray paint from getting into the rooms. Primers are applied next to provide a solid base for exterior painting.

Only after the primer has completely dried can we begin to paint. Different types of paints are used on the building’s exterior. Painting industrial or commercial buildings is done with a pressure feed sprayer. However, it takes a lot of time to paint large structures. In order to control paint overspray quickly, an electrostatic charge can be applied. After the paint dries, the tapes must be removed from windows and doors.

Painting the interior of a large commercial project requires that the painter ensures that the space is properly ventilated and nothing can be left in the space that may cause a spark, since the paints themselves are flammable. Fire and safety regulations must be adhered to when working on large commercial projects. Proper licenses are also required to start the project.

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