Rekindling relationships: Renew Wellness & Recovery Saves a marriage

Drug rehab for women plays an important role in addiction recovery. It not only helps women to overcome their addiction, but it also rebuilds relationships which have been damaged by substance abuse. The story is about Emily and John. Their marriage was given new hope and life through Renew Wellness & Recovery. Read our story.

Emily and John were married 38 years before they hit a crisis point. Emily’s opioid addiction had a major impact on the relationship and their love seemed to be disappearing. Both Emily and John were feeling hopeless because their family was in chaos.

Emily, in search of a cure for her addictions, bravely decided to enroll at Renew Wellness & Recovery’s program geared towards women. The decision was difficult, but ultimately it would save her marriage and her life.

The Renew Wellness & Recovery family program was the saving grace for Emily and John. The program recognized that addiction affects both the addict and their family members. Emily and John started their journey to healing and reconstruction through family therapy.

It provided an environment for honest and open communication. The program allowed Emily to talk about her challenges and experiences, while John could express his fears and pain. They learned how to manage the complicated emotions that were straining their marriage.

John’s understanding of addiction, and the impact it has on families and individuals, was enhanced through therapy. In order to foster an atmosphere of trust and support, John learned how to become a partner who is supportive and empathic in Emily’s journey towards recovery.

Emily on the other had embraced her opportunity to face addiction, and accept responsibility for all the hurt she caused. She worked hard to rebuild her own life and gain the trust of her family. Emily was able to emerge from Renew Wellness & Recovery with the help of its staff, and also her own willpower.

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