Psilocybin and its Side Effects: Navigating your Psychedelic Experience

Psilocybin has received attention recently for its potentially therapeutic and mind-altering benefits. Like any other strong substance, psilocybin has its own side effects. Here, we’ll explore the possible effects of psilocybin and stress the importance of being aware of the risks. Read more now on psilocybin side effects.

The Physical Effects of

Psilocybin is known to have physical side-effects. They usually happen during the “trip” and fade away as soon as they wear off. This side effect may include:

Nausea: Many users experience nausea and may even vomit shortly after consuming psilocybin-containing mushrooms. This is sometimes referred to “shroom nausea” and it is more prevalent with certain types.

Psilocybin-induced Dilated Pupils Psilocybin causes dilated pupils, leading to increased light sensitivity.

A Temporary Increase in Heart Rate: During a trip some users might notice an increase or even palpitations. While it can be worrying, this is generally not dangerous.

Sweating Sweating occurs when body temperatures fluctuate during travel.

Muscle Tension The tension of muscles can cause physical discomfort or anxiety in some people, especially if the stress or anxiety is high.

Psychological effects of

Side effects that are psychological can differ widely between people. They include:

Psilocybin induces hallucinations. Psilocybin produces auditory, visual and even tactile hallucinations. For some people, these experiences may be inspiring while for others they can be frightening.

Ego Disolution: During a trip, many users experience a temporary dissolution of the sense of themselves or their ego. Although this may lead to feelings such as interconnectedness or transcendence, the experience can also be challenging and disorienting.

Intense feelings: Psilocybin increases emotions. This can lead to intense feelings of joy or awe but it may also induce anxiety, paranoia, and fear.

Distortion of Time Perception Users have reported a distorted sense of timing during travel, with the minutes appearing to be hours long or as if time was standing still.

Mystical Or Spiritual Experiences Some users experience profound mystical and spiritual insights while on a psilocybin journey, which may impact their worldview.

The Aftereffects

Beyond immediate effects, some users may also experience long-term or aftereffects in mood, perception, or behaviour:

flashbacks: some users will experience “flashbacks,” which is the repeated occurrence of certain aspects of a psychedelic journey days, week or even month after the original trip. These flashbacks could be very distressing.

Positive aftereffects: Most users experience positive effects in their attitude and behaviour following the psilocybin. This can include feelings of increased connectedness and creativity. It may also reduce anxiety or depression.

Negative aftereffects: Sometimes, people can experience negative feelings and anxiety in the wake of a challenging trip.

HPPD is at risk. Hallucinogen-Persistent Perception Disorder (HPPD), also known as Hallucinogen Persisting perceptual disorder, can cause visual disturbances and hallucinations to recur long after use. This condition may have significant effects on mental well-being and everyday life.

The Responsible Use and Harm-Reduction

In order to minimise the potential risks of psilocybin usage and its side effects, responsible use and harm-reduction are essential.

Use a Lower Dose to Reduce the Intensity of Your Trip: You should start off with a smaller dose if you’re new to the drug or are not experienced. This will reduce the intensity as well as any side effects.

Setup: Provide a safe, comfortable setting for you to enjoy. Surround your self with people who you trust and can support you if necessary.

Psychological Screenings: You should seek medical advice if you’ve had a past history of mental illness. Some psychedelics can worsen certain conditions.

Attitude and mood: Pay close attention to how you are feeling before, and even during your trip. When you begin to feel overwhelmed it is important that you have an effective support system.

Avoid Combining Substances Prevent combining alcohol and prescription medicines with psilocybin, as they may interact, causing side effects.

Be Hydrated. Don’t drink too much alcohol and caffeine.

Avoiding Risky Activities Doing risky things, such driving heavy machinery or using it, is not recommended during travel.

Plan Your Trip: Know what you want to do and how safe it is. Avoid settings that could be dangerous.

Professional help is available: If someone close to you experiences extreme distress, adverse effects or severe reactions after a psilocybin experience, contact an emergency hotline immediately.


Psilocybin (a powerful psychoactive component found in some mushroom species) can produce unpredictable and difficult effects. For anyone who is considering trying psilocybin, it’s important to understand the side effects that could occur and make responsible choices. Although research is still ongoing into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin it’s important to treat its use with caution.

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