Plastic Surgery For Real People

The United States performs thousands of elective plastic surgery procedures every year click here. The majority of these procedures must be performed on average, everyday people. Although marketing and media imagery has done much to bring plastic surgery into the American everyday life, success outcomes and limited complications are also what have led so many to pursue this procedure. Recent publication featured an article about five everyday people and their experiences with plastic surgery. The main point of the article is that the majority of plastic surgeries are done today by ordinary citizens in the United States, not necessarily wealthy people or members of high society.

The positive experiences of all patients were refreshing. Most articles talk about the complications and problems that patients face, but this is not normal. It’s the theme that is the most important to me. Plastic surgery is performed in large numbers today for one simple reason ….that plastic surgery patients are just like the rest of society. A very small percentage of the society is rich or famous. These relatively few people in society could not have performed the millions plastic surgery procedures that are done today. Plastic surgery is now part of American culture, just like cell phones, Starbucks and My Space. The average plastic surgery patient I see is someone from the middle strata of society. It can be anyone from a jobless person to the CEO of a large company. Nearly 40% use financing now for major procedures. This confirms that the average patient is having plastic surgery. It is now approaching finance numbers on major appliances or big ticket items for the home.

Why … so many individuals undergo plastic surgeries today? Is this because of the advertising hype from plastic surgeons or the media telling us we look younger by projecting their images, and is our culture just vain? All three have a part to play, but the main reason is probably one. According to my practice, most plastic surgeries work and achieve what they claim. Breast implants are a great way to make your breasts more shapely and bigger. Tummy-tucks can flatten your stomach, facelifts can tighten up the neck and jaw, and noses can be reshaped so that they look better. Plastic surgery and plastic surgeons are not flawless. All results are not perfect and some patients may experience complications. Sometimes plastic surgery procedures do get overhyped. Palstic surgery is a popular procedure, but most patients have positive results. They are happy with the outcome and would undergo it again. It is a finding that many refer to as feedback on accomplishments. It’s no wonder that returning clients now account for nearly a third of my plastic surgeries performed each year. This is because a patient’s positive experience will encourage them to choose another procedure, or even tell their friends about it. This word of mouth influence is known by all businesses and professions.

Plastic surgery has been and will be a real thing for people. Its benefits will continue be widespread, and everyone in society can reap the rewards, from a child born with a deformity to a middle-aged salesperson who wants to appear more youthful. The promotion of plastic surgery is as much about its overall effectiveness and the high satisfaction rate among patients as it is about marketing and media promotions.

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