Perfumery and Sustainability: The Green Revolution in Perfumery

The scent of something fresh is in the air at ESNC Perfumery. It’s definitely not their latest perfume line. This well-known perfume shop has made noises in another area altogether that is sustainability. ESNC shows that the world of luxury as well as Mother Earth can coexist. Take a look at the environmentally-friendly selections ESNC makes to transform the world of fragrance. More bonuses?

Imagine the majesty of the scent you love bottled into a piece of art. Now, what would you say if I informed you that this bottle is made from 100% recycled glass? Yep, you read that right. ESNC has shifted away from the use of virgin materials and is now crafting beautiful bottles which not only convey perfume, but also a strong statement about the importance of being environmentally responsible. It’s not over at this point. The packaging they use, made from recycled waste from post-consumer products, is ecological and aesthetic, dispelling the belief that green doesn’t have to be glam.

Now, let’s talk about ingredients. The vast and fragrant gardens of ESNC, pesticides have no need to be present. ESNC emphasizes organic farming to ensure that the lavenders, roses and jasmines you’ll find in the perfumes you purchase will blossom exactly as the nature intended. But it’s not just about the way they’re grown; it’s also about where they grow. ESNC helps local farmers by minimizing transportation emissions. It not only promotes the use of fresher ingredients and reduces carbon emissions.

A program called ‘Refill & rejoice’ is one of the most creative ESNC’s green initiatives. Don’t throw away empty bottles of perfume. Refill your preferred perfumes at ESNC for a fraction that price, while reducing waste and maintaining your perfume game.

Community connections are what make this product truly unique. With every purchase, ESNC plants a tree. This is their way of helping give back and ensure that our world will remain as stunning for the next generation.

Next time you spray on the ESNC scent, keep in mind that the fragrance is a symbol of hope and a promise for the future that is more sustainable. Since at ESNC the bottles are blended with luxury as well as a deep respect for our environment.

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