Microsoft Business Portal For Great Plains Dynamics Architecture Notes

This article will provide you with some low-level and possibly in-depth notes about how customization fits into GP’s database structure thinktribe. We will not cover such difficult Microsoft Technologies like SQL cluster, ISA server with perimeter network fire wall, etc. This article is aimed at small and midsize business IT engineers that support Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as legacy Great Plains applications such as eOrder or eRequisition. As the eXXX product line is no longer being supported, you will need to implement Business Portal and think about technology switches.

Hosting Databases Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal is a platform that hosts applications like HR & employee self service suite, eOrder Management, Requisition Management, etc. in DYNAMICS system databases and company database. SQL administrators and GP Consultants asked us if GP Upgrade process will remove all stored procedures and tables from GP database. The answer is that GP upgrade will not remove Dexterity zdP stp stored procedures. (This allows Dexterity’s own indexes to be used and comes with dex cursors for Dex tables). The answer is no – GP upgrade will drop and recreate Dexterity zdP stored procedures (allowing Dexterity to use its own indexes and come with dex cursors across the tables).

Sharepoint. Business Portal is a kind of extension to Sharepoint. It uses Sharepoint’s generic document workflow and roles but it extends beyond SP. It uses eConnect in order to link Dynamics GP to objects. In some cases, it replaces Sharepoint Security with Dynamics GP Security: GP User, Employee, Salesperson, etc.

o BP Licensing. Licensing may change without notice. Currently we see a license for business portal users that is lower than the Microsoft Dynamics GP license. If you want to deploy only the Requisition Management in BP – you would need to purchase BP users licenses. BP modules are currently on sale

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