Metal Plating Companies Are Going Green

Many people believe the metal plating sector is one of those contributing to the degradation of our environment. While there are many reasons for skepticism, the statistical data of different studies seems to back this up. There is good news, however. Despite the “unpopular” image that this sector has, many companies are working hard to become green – go here!

This includes setting environmental standards and integrating them into their metal plating process.

Many businesses in this industry have already taken steps to create a more environmentally friendly and cleaner world. This is a great example of a milestone undertaking.

Here are some examples of environmentally friendly measures taken by companies who are devoted to being green.

‘Improvement on general housekeeping’

The metal plating industry takes measures to ensure that the plating bath is kept clean by removing foreign matter. The traditional tanks have been replaced by corrosion resistant ones.

The use of additives

By reducing waste, additives are used in metal plating. Additives used include wetting agents and process chemicals that are non-chelated.

‘Equipment enhancement’

Metal companies that are dedicated to the environment continue to enhance their process equipment, including plating. Replacing machines with those that are more fuel-efficient or use less electricity is a great way to go green. It is not just a matter of reducing pollution that equipment improvement can help.

‘Chemical substitution’

Metal plating companies also practice the use of alternatives chemicals during the process. They replace the cyanide plating process with a non-cyanide process. It is intended to decrease the amount of toxic substances that are produced when common chemicals are used.

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