Managed Hosting – What’s the deal?

Recent trends in Web Hosting have shifted to Managed Web Hosting. Web Hosts are providing dedicated servers. There is a growing demand for web host services, due to the difficulty of maintaining dedicated servers. There are many services available, including: Managed security, Managed load balancing, Reporting & Monitoring, Managed storage, Managed databases, Managed reporting. The extra service that is offered by managed hosting can continued be described as such.

What do you need?

Make sure you first decide whether or not you really need a dedicated host. You need a dedicated web server if your website has high traffic. You can use shared hosting if your website is simple and has low traffic. Renting and running a dedicated webserver is much more costly than the shared hosting options. Consider renting your dedicated web server if the continuity of service is important to you.

You may be asked to take care of the server administration yourself. Technical expertise is required. Those who want dedicated servers will also ask their hosts to provide system management such as reporting, security monitoring, firewalls monitoring and backup data.

Managed Hosting: Where can I get it?

The majority of web hosts also offer managed hosting. Find managed hosting via search engines and web hosting directories. To find providers of managed hosting, you can contact those who also offer dedicated servers.

An organization that provides managed hosting can offer it as part an already-defined package or on a per-item basis. Hosting per item allows you to select exactly what you need. In contrast, a preconfigured hosting plan includes both a dedicated server and managed web hosting.

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