Learn To Be An Expert In Polished Concrete Floors In Just A Few Minutes

Floorcoat NZ offers professional flooring contractor solutions such as concrete grinding, floor preparation and timber floor sanding. Floorcoat NZ has a nationwide reach, so no matter where one is in New Zealand, Floorcoat NZ can be reached by phone.

Floorcoat NZ can handle any size job. It has also put the team of flooring specialists in a position to give tips, tricks and other information about concrete polished floors. Floorcoat NZ provides concrete polished flooring information for both commercial and domestic building owners.

Why Concrete Polished Flooring is Better

First, let’s define concrete polished floors. Concrete polished floors can be achieved through a mechanically refined process that polishes the concrete surface. Chemicals are used to make the floors more durable and protect them against damage. The surface of concrete polished floors does not have any topical coating. This makes it much more durable and solid than epoxy or sealants.

The polished concrete floors are not stainable

Floorcoat NZ takes pride in offering only the best to their customers. The company ensures that concrete polished floors are stain-free. Floorcoat NZ’s experts ensure a non-stainable floor to satisfy customers. The flexibility of concrete polishing allows customers to choose from different levels.

Concrete Polished Flooring Requires Low Maintenance

Concrete polished floors are low maintenance. The maintenance required varies depending on the system. It is easiest to clean with an auto-scrubber in commercial spaces and a micro-fiber or steam mop at home. Any department or home maintenance shop will have a steam or a micro fibre mop for homeowners.

Cost of concrete polished floors

The price of polished concrete floors will also vary depending on several factors. Surface area determines most of the price. Other factors like the contractor’s attention and other things play a part in determining the final price. Concrete polished starts at $16 a square meter. It can reach up to $140 a square meter. Floorcoat NZ can provide an exact quote once all external factors are taken into account. There are many pros to polished concrete floors. One of the reasons that concrete polished floors are so durable is that they’re not easily damaged and have a high hardness.

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