It’s the best time to make money online

You may have observed that the digital or internet world has slowly taken over the world. You can find almost anything from anywhere in the world with just a couple of clicks. You can literally have the world at your fingertips. This shift will continue for quite some time as big data is now the driving force behind business, and not brick-and-mortar. Big data is a sign that the golden age of internet marketing, or digital marketing as it’s also known, is on its way, more hints!

Internet marketing includes a number of business models. You can find many business models in internet marketing: eBay, Amazon commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Writing content to make money, Pay per Click Ads, Blogging, Forex Trading, Digital Product Creation…

There was a major problem when the Internet first appeared in the world. Back then, digital marketing and internet marketing systems did not exist. Only a few people were making money online, and many of them wouldn’t reveal their methods. We can now see how many people have started to make money online. Internet is their source of income. The time flies by!

These are some facts that will show you why this is the perfect time to start making money online. In 2016, the Internet will directly influence more than half of U.S. Retail Business. Soon, the brick-and-mortar era will be over. By 2020, an estimated 5 billion people are expected to be using the internet for searching information. By 2020 the human population will reach approximately 7.5 billion people, which is 67% of all the population. No wonder that now is the best time to earn money online.

Online advertising alone accounted for $592.43 Billion in 2015. Watch and note where advertising is spending large sums of money to know what the future trend will be.

Amazon reported that in 2012 the sales of eBooks, audiobooks and other digital books had surpassed those of printed books. What can you infer from this? This simply indicates that the world has entered the digital age, which is the most profitable time to earn money online.

In 2014, online sales in the United States alone reached $304 billion. Internet business is growing steadily, at 15% per year. By 2023, online sales will reach $650 billion.

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