IT Managed Services Vs IT Consulting Services- Know the Difference

It (information technology, or IT) is now a large industry. Enterprises in various industries use IT to enhance their efficiency. In order to satisfy the various needs of companies, IT firms provide a range of services. IT Managed Services or IT Consulting Services? Know the Difference! Articles also offers IT Consulting and Managed Support Services. IT Managed Services (ITMS) and IT Consulting Services will be examined to help better understand their differences, useful content.

What does IT Managed Services mean?

IT Managed Services involves the proactive outsourcing by organizations of some aspects of their IT support infrastructure to managed service providers. Information Technology firm with an expert domain team is called a Managed service provider. This model allows a client to maintain ownership over their IT infrastructure but assume only liability for provided managed services. The agreement between both parties sets out all the criteria.

A team is not an option for small and medium businesses, or startups. In order to be current with security and technological threats, they are not able to maintain a team. It is not uncommon for non-IT personnel to be forced into conducting research regarding managing IT Infrastructure. This can take away time from their duties, and be very distracting.

Common examples:

Systems Management
Data Backup and Recovery
Storage and Management
Security management and network monitoring
Human Resource Management
Producing, supporting and maintaining software

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services, also known as technology consulting and advisory services, are offered by experts to organisations (the client) to help them achieve their business goals. IT consulting and advisory services, also called technology consultancy or advisory services, are provided by IT experts to a client organisation. IT Consultants are classified into three categories: independent consultants and IT firms.

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