How to Perfectly Frozen Pizza in a Combination-Oven

Frozen food is popular for a quick, tasty meal click this link. While standard ovens may take a while to heat, the combi-oven is faster and more efficient at cooking frozen pizzas to perfection. We can use the combi’s steam and convection functions to cook our pizzas evenly and get a crispy crust.


In order to preheat the combo oven, it is necessary to set the temperature at the right level. Generally this is around 425degF. The range should be heated to the right temperature before you put the pizza inside.

A heated pizza stone or baking sheet is best for the best results. It will help to ensure the bottom of your pizza doesn’t get mushy.

You can choose the appropriate cooking mode for the process. For example, you can select the combo mode which combines convection with steam. It is possible to get a crisper crust and still maintain the proper wetness.

As a guideline, always follow the instructions that come with the pizza. The cooking time and the temperature should be reduced slightly compared with a standard oven, as each combi oven is different. Supervise the pizza to make sure that it is done properly.

Use the steam option: The steam function of the combi-oven helps maintain moisture in the oven and prevents pizzas from drying out. This is crucial for pizzas topped with delicate toppings or thin crusts.

Rotate and observe: The thickness or size of the crust will determine if you should rotate your pizza halfway through cooking. This will ensure the entire pizza cooks equally and uniformly. Watch the pizza closely to prevent it from overcooking.

Finishing touches. Remove the pizza from the combi-oven after it has rested for a minute. To make it easier to eat and slice, allow the toppings and cheese to settle.

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