Gemstone Energy Medicine is Essential for Complete Healing

Healing is the process to overcome a disorder, injury or illness. You can be fully healed and your health restored our site. It’s over. You can never get it back. The affected area does not become weaker, or more susceptible to future afflictions.

In order to heal, you need to deal with all of the energy associated with that condition. Each disease, injury and disorder is much more than the physical body. Energy comes in four main forms. They are the negative emotions or thoughts that may be connected to the condition. Thirdly, this is the disharmonic effluent released by injured, diseased or painful tissue. It is important to treat it as the energetic counterpart of the actual tissue. All four of these elements must be addressed for complete healing. You can work on this as you improve your physical condition.

The healing power of gemstone energy is that it can heal your entire body. Gemstone energies harmonizes, heals thoughts and feelings, dissolves disharmonious effluent, and interacts with their energetic counterparts. This is a method of healing that is just as efficient and effective as gemstone therapy. Gemstone medicine is safe to use and can work in conjunction with other healing techniques such as medications, herbs or other therapies.

Let’s begin by talking about how to remove emotional and psychosocial ties associated with illness. It can be a challenge because physical illness is often linked with negative thoughts or emotions. This kind of emotion or thought can increase the burden of disease. Sudden or prolongated illnesses can cause sadness, depression, and frustration dealing with insurance companies. You may also feel anxious and worried about your finances or the changes you will have to make in your life. Many patients experience many emotions when they are diagnosed with serious diseases. Patients can feel more anger, guilt, sadness, depression, or depressed due to their illness. These feelings can increase the emotional energy they have to overcome to heal. Emotions, thoughts and feelings are all closely connected. They tends to reinforce the perceived reality. The individual will have a harder time achieving better health if she worries, fears or imagines the worse.

It begins by hovering about a person with negative emotions, or thoughts regarding an injury. They can anchor into the tissue, causing damage. It is determined by the person’s genetics and inherent weaknesses which tissue is affected. The most common manifestation of embedded stress is hardening tissue, such as muscles and arteries. A person who sits in front of a computer screen all day may develop knotted muscle. It is not just sedentary habits that can lead to knotted muscles, but also constant mental or emotional stress that makes it harder for people to relax despite regular massage therapy and exercise.

It can be much more difficult for a person to heal their emotional or mental side of a problem than it is to fix or alleviate a physical condition. Gemstone energy healing acknowledges the benefits of these stones. The healing energies that are reflected by the therapeutic stones around the neck balance, clarify and raise emotional and mental energy. It’s easier to identify your own negative emotions. It may help them to let go of their negative emotions, and replace them by positive ones.

In order to heal completely, it is necessary to clear out the disharmonious energetic energy that has accumulated within and around affected organs and cells. This is referred to as disharmonious effluent. This energy is naturally released when it is reflected by the state of health or pain in a tissue. This is the way that the body has been designed. The body perceives disharmonious effluent as a message. The body will need less effluent if it receives help, like from the immune systems.

The signal flare may be ignored by the body if it has limited resources or is overwhelmed with other issues. This disharmonious substance becomes louder, more persistent and causes problems of its own. This can interfere with the body’s own healing energy flow, and by pressing down in areas already in pain can cause more pain. This unwanted accumulation of material can be lifted up and removed, allowing healing energy to flow.

There are a variety of healing gemstones necklaces which can be worn in order to absorb unwanted energy. Others are worn to enhance the immune or vitalize your body to cope with signal flares. Energy Clearing GEMFormula helps to eliminate disharmonious toxins. Energy Clearing GEMFormula works as a natural treatment by using edible pills that are imprinted with specific gemstone energies. This combination was designed to assist in the release of all unwanted energies. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula, the latest advancement in gem medicine.

The only way to successfully heal tissue is if you have its energetic counterpart. Every cell or every organ is supported by a powerful energetic essence. Any organ can be treated regardless of the treatment. The gemstone therapy can be used to heal your counterpart’s organ. What if a group of organs or cells is destroyed?

My gallbladder had to be removed because of a painful series of attacks. Has my story come to an end? The end should have come sooner. However, I still felt sharp pains in my right side. My doctors told me that the gallbladder was successfully removed. The reason for my discomfort was also dismissed as unrelated. I also shared this sensation with a friend of mine who is a energy worker. I was reminded that all organs could have an energetic equivalent by her. My gallbladder counterpart had not been completely healed, so I still felt the pain. Due to my hospitalization for a different reason, I had no opportunity to use therapeutic stone. But I was still able to imagine the healing power of these gemstones.

The spheres that contain gemstones have healing energy. It’s light and sounds that are concentrated in a vessel. For me to get relief from my gallbladder pain, I imagined there was a bright and shining light inside. It vibrated with beautiful music. Inwardly, i communicated to the gallbladder and my body why it needed to go. My whole being was able to survive without the gall bladder. It was my gall bladder that helped me a lot and I am thankful.

My gall bladder started to heal as I continued this exercise. In about two days, my pain disappeared. The pain has not returned in nearly five years.

In the 1980s, i was one of pioneers for gemstone energy medicine. I knew it would become a complementary modality. I didn’t realize how gemstone energy medicine could revolutionize the healthcare industry. In the beginning, I didn’t think that this prediction would come true because I was working only with healing necklaces. For me, it was impossible to imagine that doctors would use gemstones necklaces.

As gemstone energy can be embedded within edible pills, it is possible to understand the premonition. GEMFormulas could be administered by doctors as part of a patient’s treatment. Only the Energy Clearing GEMFormula was able to remove a significant quantity of unwanted emotions or mental energy, which can lead to and exacerbate many health issues. The formula can eliminate energies causing pain to increase or obscuring symptoms. This helps doctors determine the real cause and improve treatment.

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