Four of the biggest mistakes people make with perfume

There’s nothing better than wearing perfume – it’s so decadent and delicious. We’re human, and we all make mistakes from time-to-time. Click for source!

You should be aware of these common mistakes when you visit a Fragrance Store such as Scent City.

1. Too much perfume wearing

It’s happened to all of us – we wear a certain fragrance day in and day out until the scent becomes humdrum. This will probably occur after a few weeks of wearing the same perfume. We suggest you only wear your favorite fragrance once a week.

2. Store perfumes under the sun

Light can quickly degrade many fragrance ingredients. If you leave your favorite perfumes near a window, they could become useless in a very short time. Instead, we recommend storing perfumes in dark and cool places.

3. Rub your wrists together

It may seem normal to spray your perfume into one wrist before applying it to the other. However, doing so every day with the same perfume can speed up the evaporation rate of the volatile top notes. This may lead a scent that is slightly off. This will not help you to prolong the life of your perfume, so spraying each wrist individually is a better option.

4. Too many scents in a mix

It’s easy to mix fragrances which work against one another. Even your moisturiser and shampoo are likely to have fragrances. Finding the right balance between them can be more difficult than you might think. Keep an eye out on products that have scents which are either neutral or just slightly related to the main fragrance.

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