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Vacuum your carpet twice weekly if you have two people in the house or more frequently if it is heavily used look at this. Select a vacuum cleaner of high quality. Remove your shoes before entering your house and wear slippers or socks.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets every 12-18 months is required to maintain their warranty. The best thing to do is regular maintenance. Cleaning high traffic areas such as walkways and lanes with heavy traffic should be done every 3 to 6 months. Clean the carpet less often in places that are not as frequently used, such as bedrooms. Your carpet will last longer and you will be able to live in a cleaner home.

Cleaning Spills and Spots

Most people do not know the difference. Spots are caused by foreign substances that are on or around a fiber. Stains can be caused by dyes from a foreign substance that have been absorbed into the fiber.

In many cases, our new stain-removal products can safely remove permanent stains. However, this isn’t always the case. This can be costly. It is safer and less expensive to act immediately. It is more difficult to remove overnight dried stains. You should also be careful with hot drinks like coffee or tea, as they can set.

These Tips will help you remove spots

1. Blot up any liquid spills. Remove any solids from the spill as gently as possible using a wooden teaspoon.

2. Use Action ChemDry Professional Spot Remover or club soda/cold ice water to dampen the entire area.

3. Use the bottom of the spoon as a agitator and to spread Action Cham Dry over the affected area.

4. Use the white terrycloth to apply pressure on the liquid. If you rub the liquid stain, the fabric or carpet may be permanently damaged.

5. Repeat this procedure several times if the stain is stubborn. While turning the towel to a different section, check for stains.

6. Fold the towel into a pad, and place it over the area. Weight the towel down with heavy books or other objects. The towel will absorb the moisture.

Accidental spills & Emergency Stains

Certain stains and spills can be difficult for a homeowner to remove. ChemDry has the products, equipment and knowledge to remove most stubborn stains. If you are in an emergency situation, follow the steps below to minimize damage. You need to:

1. Don’t wait until the stain has penetrated or spread to the fabric before you act.

2. Use a wooden spoon to remove as much dirt as possible

3. Always work towards the centre to avoid spreading.

4. To blot any liquids, use a paper towel.

5. Use plain warm water to dampen the spill. Dab with a soft, non-rubbing cloth.

6. While you wait for assistance, you can dampen the stain/spill and place a moistened cloth on the area.

7. Contact your carpet cleaner right away
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