Enjoy a healthy indoor environment and breathe easy: Clean carpets, pure air and spotless carpets

If you live near the coast, it is likely that fresh air and a breezy atmosphere come to your mind. Sometimes, the indoor air in areas like Northern Beaches is anything but fresh. Who is the one responsible – extra resources? Your cozy, fuzzy carpet. Though investing in carpets of the northern beaches type might be seen as an aesthetic option, this has a deep connection to your air and overall health. Take a journey through the world of fibers.

1. Carpets: The Great Collectors

Do you think your carpet is a big, fluffy net? These carpets are great at trapping everything from allergens to dust, pollen, and even pet hair. Although this prevents particles from circulating around, it is possible that the accumulation will become pretty disgusting over time.

2. Allergens – What you need to know

The trapped allergens in carpets can be released back into air causing sneezing attacks, watery eye and even an asthma attack. No one wants to be sneezing, watery eyes or even experiencing asthma flare-ups when they are indoors.

3. Moldy Matters

Mould can thrive in damp carpets. The fungi that cause your home to smell musty can also lead respiratory disorders and allergic reactions when they’re inhaled.

4. Chemical Connection

The volatile organic compound (VOC) can leak from newly-treated carpets. This can result in headaches, throat discomfort, and even central nervous system damage. This can be controlled by cleaning regularly.

5. Bacteria Breakdown

Bacteria can thrive on your carpet, whether it’s from spilled food or outdoor contaminants. When airborne, bacteria are harmful. Regular cleaning ensures your carpet isn’t a petri dish in disguise.

6. Breathing New:

The carpet itself acts like a fresh filter. It traps particles efficiently without getting saturated. This will help to keep the indoor air consistent.

7. Peace for the Mind and Body

Knowing that you are in a clean environment contributes to your well-being. The less allergens you have, the healthier your life will be.

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