Different Types Of Carpet Cleaners That You Can Consider

You may have wondered how the carpet cleaners clean such a wide variety of carpets additional info. This is because carpet cleaners have access to a variety of different carpet cleaning techniques. Here’s more information about carpet cleaning methods used by professionals.

Host Cleansing
After the carpet is vacuumed, it’s sprinkled with a wet compound that absorbs moisture. After the carpet has been vacuumed, a wet absorbent compound is sprinkled on it. This method does not wet the carpet (which can be a good thing), however, it is also less efficient than some other methods of cleaning because it only removes dirt and stains on the surface.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning
Low pile carpets benefit most from encapsulation. The carpet is first treated by a solution. Next, a machine embeds the solution in the carpet fibers. As it absorbs, the crystals it forms trap dirt deposits. It can be vacuumed with a normal vacuum to remove the dirt. Those parts of the solution that are not vacuumed immediately will continue to trap the dirt. It is a quick method, but it might not work for heavily stained carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning
A liquid cleaner is sprayed over the carpet to remove dirt. A gentle buffing machine moves gently over the carpet to lift the liquid and dirt deposits. The bonnet (or absorbent pad) of the carpet cleaner may need to be replaced regularly. This is a fast drying solution that can be used on face fibres, but may not be suitable for carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaners
The most popular type of carpet cleaning recommended by manufacturers is this method. The carpets are pre-treated using a special cleaning solution. This breaks down the dirt. The solution is then rinsed with hot water and a high pressure. The machine used for this process will simultaneously remove steam and waste water from the carpet to prevent it from remaining sodden. This is an effective way to remove embedded dirt as well as sanitize carpets.
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