Delicious Foods to Prepare Around the Campfire

Our family eats dinner together every night. Dinnertime when we camp takes on a whole new dimension. Outdoor cooking is a fun and easy activity that can involve all the family.

The best thing about camping cooking is the ability to prepare the entire meal on an open fire. This makes it easier to clean up afterward, important link.

It’s easy to prepare meals for camping by keeping it simple and delicious. A great way to make a quick and tasty meal is to prepare marinated meat and tofu ahead of time and then cook them over the campfire with foil-wrapped vegetables. We also add a few garlic cloves to enhance the flavor. We love foil-wrapped potatoes so we also add those to the fire.

We add fresh, raw vegetables to our tables or make simple salads.

This easy creation is nutritious, delicious, and filling. The cleanup is easy and everyone is happy that they have to wait before making s’mores.

For delicious campfire meals, here are some tips. Start your fire earlier to let the flames die down. This will allow for a more consistent heat and help cook your food. Your choice of meat will dictate when you cook your veggies. Potatoes that are whole take approximately 30 minutes, depending on their size.

You can add flavour to your dishes by preparing good quality olive oil (we prefer Spanish varieties), butter and salt.

Marinate your meat at-home and then put it in ziplock bags for storage. They will slow thaw in the cooler and be ready to go on the grill when they are needed.

Breakfast is another great campfire meal. It’s hard to resist bacon and eggs cooked over a campfire. Vegetarians may want to avoid the bacon. Cooking eggs and toast on the fire makes a wonderful breakfast.

A great way to cook on an open fire is to use heavy-duty pots or pans. Cast iron pans are always a good choice. They can withstand almost anything, and you don’t have to worry that they will get blackened from the fire.

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