Combi Ovens Reduce Operational Costs In Indonesian Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens face a challenge in today’s highly competitive industry. They must optimize their operational costs and maintain high standards of quality while reducing operating expenses, more info?

Rotaryana, an industry leader in kitchen equipment, has developed a combi oven that offers a solution to improve culinary performance while reducing energy consumption. This will ultimately lead to savings for Indonesian restaurants.

Rotaryana’s core product is the combi-oven, an appliance which combines both the functions of a convection and steamer. The multifunctional appliance not only optimizes cooking capabilities, but minimizes wasteful energy consumption through its smart design. The combi-oven optimizes the cooking process and lowers energy consumption in commercial kitchens by combining the powers of dry heat and steam.

The efficient insulation of Rotaryana’s combi-oven is one of its key benefits. It is made with insulation materials of high quality that prevent heat from escaping the chamber. The insulation ensures that the oven produces consistent results and reduces energy consumption. In turn, Indonesian restaurants can save significant amounts of energy and lower their operating costs.

Rotaryana’s combi-oven also incorporates ventilation and heating systems which contribute to the energy efficiency. Intelligent heating delivers even and precise heat distribution to the oven, which allows for energy-efficient cooking. The ventilation system also manages the airflow in the oven to improve cooking efficiency. This reduces the time required for cooking. Combining these features, the combi-oven ensures energy usage in an efficient and economic manner.

The intelligent control and programming systems of the combi-oven allow chefs to program precise parameters for cooking, maximizing energy consumption when using specific culinary techniques and recipes. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for chefs to program the oven and monitor its cooking, so that no energy is wasted by unnecessarily long cooking times or high heat levels.

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