Carpet Cleaning Mosman provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of carpet piles.

It is important to understand the different carpet pile types when selecting the right carpet for your home. The pile of a carpet describes its fibers, including their density, structure, and height. Water damage Carpet Drying educates our customers to make the best choices. Let’s learn about the different types of carpets to help you choose the right carpet. View the gallery.

Cut pile carpets are one of the more popular types of pile. As the name implies, cut pile carpets have had their fibers shaved, creating a dense, plush surface. The pile is plush and perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. Cut pile carpets come in many varieties, including Saxony which is uniformly smooth and has a softer appearance. Plush has longer, looser, threads and a more casual appearance.

Loop pile carpets are another type of pile. Loop pile carpets have loops of different sizes and shapes because the strands remain uncut. It is known for its durability and resistance to foot traffic and crushing, making it ideal for areas with high traffic like hallways and stairs. Loop pile carpets come in many different types, such as Berber with its closely-woven loops and Level loop which is the same height.

Another option that combines the best of both is cut and loop pile. Cut and looped carpets provide an eye-catching, textured surface. This form of pile is also very durable because the loops are more resilient and cut fibers feel plush and comfortable.

Knowing the different types of carpet piles available will help you choose the one that suits your needs, style, and aesthetic preferences. To maintain their appearance and integrity, multiple piles require different cleaning methods. Carpet Cleaning Mosman is here to help. Our team uses the best cleaning methods and understands carpet piles to ensure your carpets get the care they need.

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