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Many people have heard or seen commercials for carpet cleaning companies which show how an old carpet can restored to its original glory and cleaned check this. It’s possible that you are wondering if this is true for your carpets. Your carpets could be stained or damaged by pets and kids. You may also have to replace your carpets. A professional cleaning service is another option.

Carpet cleaning companies are all over the town. Billboards and phonebooks are good places to look for their ads. Or you can also find coupons within your local paper. You can find many cleaning companies that offer these services. So, before you make an initial appointment, it is best to do some research. Some companies will not be able to provide the best cleaning services for your home. You should be clear on this before you call to ask for an estimate. The company may not be capable of meeting your cleaning needs, and they may charge you to come to your house.

There are four methods to clean carpets: dry clean, shampoo clean, steam clean. All cleaning companies might not offer each of these methods. It doesn’t matter who you choose to clean your carpets. For the best results, you must remove all dirt before applying foam or wet solutions.

Carpets are cleaned the least effectively by shampooing. This is done by applying large amounts of water to your carpet, then vacuuming away some of the water. There is no way to remove all of the carpet shampoo or water. This can cause the carpet backing to be damaged, as well mildew growth and mold under the padding. Although the initial results look great, they don’t hold up as well as some other methods.

Some companies choose dry cleaning. The method does not require that you use water to clean your carpets. The method uses powder to attract dirt deep within the carpet. It is then vacuumed out. This process is better at removing stains but can damage the carpet.

You can also use foam. This is a combination between dry cleaning, and shampooing. Although this method uses some water, it isn’t as messy as shampooing. Vacuuming the carpet with “dry’ foam is done. The foam is scrubbing with a scrubber after it has been applied to carpet. While this method is more effective than a dry clean, it’s not the best for carpets.

The most popular method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. This method uses hot steam delivered by a wand to penetrate carpets and remove dirt. This method uses much less water than conventional shampooing. It also kills any viruses or bacteria that might be in your carpets. After the carpet has been cleaned, any remaining moisture is removed with a powerful vacuum.

Find carpet cleaning services that do the type you are looking for. The carpet cleaning company should provide a warranty for any damage.
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