Can You Fire Your Plastic Surgery?

The relationship between you and your plastic surgeon, like most relationships, should be based upon trust, communication openly and honestly, proximity and respect. In the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your relationship, it might be time to let go My Body Surgeon.

It is true that this topic would not be discussed by most plastic surgeons, but it can still be done in an appropriate and respectful manner.

You must first ask yourself if you are really ready to start all over and end this relationship. There are other grasses that may look greener, but if the relationship between doctor and patient can be saved, even if it was with someone you had operated on, saving this relationship could be worthwhile. After some reflection, it may become apparent that an employee in the office, rather than the plastic surgeon himself, is to blame for your frustration. To reestablish your relationship with your doctor and his office, work together.

Communication is the key to a great relationship. Do not be afraid to speak openly, honestly and frankly about your problems. It’s possible that the surgeon, while technically skilled, isn’t warm and articulate. Perhaps you don’t explain yourself to your doctor or staff well enough. It is worth the effort to be heard by your doctor or listen carefully to his advice.

Remember what your mom told you: never burn a bridge. The word spreads, particularly in smaller communities with difficult procedures. While an angry outburst works in movies, in real life it is best to separate in a respectable manner. One never knows when one might require more medical information, more tips, or perhaps even the medical attention of your original doctor.

Assuring your surgeon that you are professional and maintaining professionalism throughout your breakup will help if, in fact, your relationship has been less than optimal. While plastic surgery may seem very personal, it is also a science-based procedure. Your body might not heal well despite your best medical care.

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