Buy used without being burned with this no-nonsense guide

Let’s dive in and buy an used Tesla. Imagine you are on an adventure.

Your prize on a treasure hunting expedition is not gold, but rather a brand-new Tesla read this.

Why should you buy a Tesla second-hand first? It’s a bit like getting an eco-friendly VIP pass without paying full price.

If you’re fortunate, your car might even talk back to it. Model S. You and your weird voice commands are what I mean.

The headphones you have been carrying for a long time can be just as difficult. Not all Tesla’s that have been used are the exact same. Some Tesla’s that are used look like the friend from high school who never grew. These cars may appear to be great from the outside but are a complete mess when you look deeper.

Models matter. Models matter. Want something smaller? Model 3 might be what you’re looking for. The Performance models are for those who need speed.

Battery health can be compared to the amount of juice in your smartphone. However, if you are not careful it can cost much more if a mistake is made.

Teslas with stale batteries are not much better than chocolate teapots. Bring someone with knowledge or ask to see a battery health report.

Software updates are a completely different animal. Teslas without recent software updates are similar to iPhone 4s of 2023. Although they’re still cute, they’re not up to par.

Elon’s magic workshop offers tasty software for all vehicles.

Each option comes with its own set of benefits. With Tesla, you can be assured of a warranty and peace-of-mind. Although it could cost more. You may find better deals at dealerships, but watch out for lemons! Private sales may also be an alternative. It’s possible to get great prices on used items, but you should be cautious not to buy another person’s headache.

Finances are boring but necessary. If you don’t happen to have a money-tree growing in your backyard. (If you do, can I come by?). Banks may be more interested in EVs than gas-guzzlers, due to the lower operating cost.

Do not forget to tap into collective thoughts of Tesla users before you get started. You can learn from them how to identify a diamond in the rough.

Here’s how to find a used Tesla that won’t be manipulated. You should always do your research prior to purchasing anything, except if you are happy to find out the hard way. Enjoy your hunt! This is an electric ride so be sure to buckle up!

You’d be like trying to find a parking spot in Seattle downtown at night. It’s just like trying to park in downtown Seattle late on a Saturday!

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