A Tailgating Flagpole is a great way to stake your claim

Tailgating Flagpoles allow you to clearly define your territory on my site, demonstrate your true colors, and make an impact at your next camping trip, tailgating event, or picnic. You can choose from either lightweight aluminum or flexible fiberglass for your tailgating flagpole. Telescoping flagpoles make it easy to transport and set-up. A telescoping flagpole that doesn’t lock should be avoided. This will prevent the pole from falling if the wind picks up the sections or the party gets rowdy!

The longest length of a tailgating pole is about twenty feet. They can support flags up to 3 and 5 feet high.

There are two main types of flagpole mountings for tailgating: trailer hitch mounting or wheel stands.

Attach trailer hitch brackets to your vehicle, truck or RV. Mount the mount to your hitch. Attach the included pin. If your flagpole is sectional, insert the bottom first into the hole. Next, you will need to assemble the rest. For taller poles, you may have to assemble it before the rest.

Wheel stands are the most commonly used tailgating flagpole-mount and they are simple to put together. For anchoring under your tires, they come with a steel foot. Simply pull the foot up to park. Mount the flag. Attach the included screw to fix it.

Flags can also be flown by a tailgating flagpole.

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