A Guide on How to Purchase Genuine Silver Jewelry

Many suppliers will claim to stock only authentic, fine silver. Realistically, however, this isn’t the case. If you want to make sure that your silver jewelry is genuine, then it’s best to either shop in Orlando Jewelers. When you are unsure of how to check the silver of your jewelry for authenticity, it is very easy to buy a fake.

Verify the pieces of silver’s authenticity. There are several methods to do so. This guide shows you how to determine the authenticity and originality of the accessory. Once you’ve read this comprehensive guide, it will be easy to spot the authentic items.

What is the Silver Purity Level?

To verify authenticity, you can check the purity level by identifying your piece. It is important to test sterling silver because it is not pure. The alloy produced is a mixture of silver and a stronger metal. This alloy is typically stronger than regular silver, which has a very soft texture. To improve usability and durability, we use “engineered sterling” for our jewelry. You must have the test for purity. Sterling pieces with genuine authenticity are often etched “925.” It means that it has an alloy with silver content of 92.5 percent, making it one of the most pure on the marketplace. It is important that your piece of jewelry has this number. Any difference could mean your item needs to be more genuine.

Search for marks

If you want to ensure that your silver jewelry is authentic, check for marks or specifications. Genuine silver jewellery has distinctive marks that help identify the product as genuine. These marks are usually hidden and extremely tiny.

For you to be able to recognize these markings with ease, use an intensely lit area and a magnifying tool. It is important to check for hallmarks if the item has been purchased. So, you are able to confirm the authenticity of an item. If you are looking for sterling silver, it will either be stamped “STERLING”, “925” or both.

EPNS could indicate that the jewelry you purchased is of low-quality. EPNS, or “electroplated nickel-silver,” is the shorthand for this term. The silver you are holding is not the real thing; it’s a nickel substitute that looks like silver. Pure silver is malleable, which will make it easier for you to handle. The pure metal is soft, easy to bend and can easily be bent.

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